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Kelly Smith

Memorial created 05-31-2009 by
Kelly Smith
Jerry A Waldvogel
December 24 1953 - May 30 2009

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06-03-2009 12:14 AM -- By: Nina Breakiron,  From: South Carolina  

I really enjoyed our Nature and Enlightenment class.  Learning to look at nature from a different perspective as well as writing poetry about it greatly increased my love of the natural world.  You will be missed.  You and your family will be in my prayers.

06-02-2009 11:26 PM -- By: Cassidy Kennedy,  From: South Carolina  

Your class was one of my favorite! Your positive attitude and great stories would brighten anyone's day! You will be missed!

06-02-2009 11:20 PM -- By: Aliece Wilson,  From: Clemson University  

I am so sorry for your loss. Clemson has lost a truly amazing professor, dear mentor and leader. Your family will be in my thoughts as well as my prayers. May the Lord bring you great comfort and peace during these times.

06-02-2009 11:19 PM -- By: Aliece Wilson,  From: Clemson University  

I am so sorry for your loss. Clemson has lost a truly amazing professor, dear mentor and leader. Your family will be in my thoughts as well as my prayers. May the Lord bring you great comfort and peace during these times.

06-02-2009 11:00 PM -- By: Mohammad KARAMUDINI,  From: Iran  

My deepest sympathy to all friends and family.

06-02-2009 10:57 PM -- By: Jennie Kill-Bowdn,  From: Summerville, SC  

Clemson has lost an incredible teacher. 

06-02-2009 10:32 PM -- By: Douglas B. Quine, Ph.D.,  From: Bethel CT  

We will very much miss Jerry.  He had an energy and an enthusiasm that was infectious.  He followed in his mentor’s (Professor William T. Keeton’s) footsteps by dedicating his life to teaching biology and becoming a major contributor in this important field.  Last fall, at the dedication of the Cornell University dormitory complex named in Prof. Keeton’s honor, I had the good fortune to see Jerry walking down the street in Ithaca.  We got together with some colleagues from Biology 101 for a wonderful lunch and caught up on old times.  We also discussed a number of issues associated with bringing quality teaching of biology into the 21st century in our diverse culture and exchanged email messages for days afterwards as we had new ideas.  I well remember when Jerry arrived at Cornell University from Stanford University as the new graduate student.  Now I very sorry to learn of Jerry’s premature passing.  That was the one lesson that he shouldn't have learned from Bill Keeton.


Douglas B. Quine, Ph.D. (Cornell, 1979)

Fellow, Pitney Bowes Advanced Concepts and Technology, Shelton  CT

06-02-2009 10:30 PM -- By: Kelly C. Waldvogel,  From: Chicago, IL  

I will love him always, my  Nuncle Jerry.  His big heart, smile, and laugh will always be remembered. 

Love and knowledge. 

06-02-2009 9:38 PM -- By: Martina Savage,  From: Cary, North Carolina  

You always brightened my day, and you taught me many things. I will treasure our times together! I will miss you a lot!

06-02-2009 9:06 PM -- By: Cori Harrison,  From: Clemson University  

06-02-2009 8:58 PM -- By: Leah Gagnon,  From: Clemson  

I was in Jerry's bio 103 class in 2005, and I will never forget his passion for science and teaching, his big smile, and how he never hesitated to say hello to me on campus even though I was a long time out of his class.  Every time I saw him and his zip-up fleece vests coming my way, I knew I was in for a day-brightener. 

My deepest condolences go out to his Sherry and Sarah.  I know you already know this, but you had an amazing husband and father.

06-02-2009 8:37 PM -- By: Laura Olson,  From: Clemson University  

 Jerry was a wonderful person.  Everyone who knew him delighted in his presence.  My deepest condolences go to his family on this terrible loss.

06-02-2009 7:08 PM -- By: Lisa (Locatelli) Winn,  From: Woodland, CA  

Dear Sherry, Sarah, Aunt Alice and family, you are in our thoughts and we send our love.  You are so lucky to have had such a wonderful and funny man in your life!  Sincerely, Lisa and family

06-02-2009 6:12 PM -- By: Laury & Riley Gardner,  From: Dawsonville, GA  

We are very saddened to hear of Jerry's passing.  Jerry was always full of life and had a big smile and kind word.  His humor, caring & deep love for his family were traits we'll remember. 

Our hearts are heavy and our prayers are with Sherry & Sarah.

We'll miss you, Jerry!


06-02-2009 6:10 PM -- By: Zora Savage,  From: Cary, NC  

Jerry always filled the room with his tall body and his jovial laughter. I can’t imagine Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner without him. He was loving Dad not only to Sarah but to all our family children. He taught my daughter how to do crab ghost hunting and how to surf board in the ocean. I will never forget our flash light hide and seek at the Christmas tree farm. Jerry was our family gentle giant and I will keep him in my heart forever.

06-02-2009 6:09 PM -- By: Pam Van Scotter,  From: BSCS  

As the gifted chair of our board of directors, Jerry not only contributed to our vision for BSCS, but he touched all of our lives. His engaging nature, genuine concern for others, and enthusiasm for life made him so very special. We were fortunate at BSCS to have just spent two wonderful days with him, but that very fact makes his passing so much harder to believe. He taught us so manty tangible and intangible things during our times together. We will miss him immensely. My thoughts and prayers are with his family.

06-02-2009 5:43 PM -- By: Harold Cheatham,  From: Dean Emeritus, HEHD  

During my tenure at Clemson I knew Jerry only by reputation and the honors he received. In retirement we became locker room buddies at Central Clemson Rec. We had many brief discussions of contemporary events and most of our discussions about pedagogy and the joys of teaching.

Invited to share something humorous, I am reminded of the time another "locker room buddy," referring to Jerry, asked me the name the guy I talk with so often. Not sure whom he meant, I asked for a description. He said, "You know, the guy who looks like Terry Bradshaw."  Given Jerry's response when I shared that look-alike with him, I think he'd heard it before.

06-02-2009 5:40 PM -- By: Keisha B. Walters,  From: Starkville, MS  

As an undergraduate BioSci major, I found Jerry to be an accessible and enthusiastic teacher. From the messages posted, it is apparent that he took this same spirit into all aspects of his life and had a positive impact on so many people. His passing is tragic and a tremendous loss to Clemson and the greater academic community. Deepest condolences to his family.

06-02-2009 5:35 PM -- By: Donald Kennedy,  From: Stanford University  

Jerry was my advisee during his senior year as a Biology major at Stanford.  His enthusiasm was a marvel, and he did a senior Honors Thesis based on a study of raptor predation (Short-eared Owls, White-Tailed Kites, etc.)  It was a fine piece of work and he continued his interests in the PhD. program at Cornell.  I visited him once or twice at Clemson and at national meetings where he was being honored for his teaching.  He told me that his main academic challenge was admitting to his students he had once played quarterback at Stanford.  In fact that was somewhat understated: he played well enough that in an early season start against Michigan, he threw for over 260 yards.  He never let his "other culture" submerge his splendid intellectual curiosity and the firmness of his commitment to his project and his students.

06-02-2009 5:35 PM -- By: Sherry Herron,  From: Hattiesburg, MS USM  

I am shocked and deeply saddened to hear this news. Unfortunately, I was just beginning to know him as a colleague and so sorry I won't get the chance to know him better. I am also active in NSTA and NABT and a former member of the BSCS herd. We would have had great time working together. He will be sorely missed.

06-02-2009 5:29 PM -- By: Greg Burana,  From: Memphis, TN  

I never new Jerry, but he often greeted me with a smile in Long Hall, a testiment to his good nature.

06-02-2009 5:27 PM -- By: April Gardner,  From: BSCS  

How sad I am that the world has lost such a wise, gentle, caring soul. I think one of the reasons we are all so stunned by Jerry's death is that he is one of the most "alive" people I have ever known--he loved living and all life! My prayers are with his family and the Clemson community at this time. But even though I am sad for us, I think Jerry as gone on to even greater adventures and deeper living. To echo Steve Nowicki, I'm betting he's thinking "Whoa, what a great rush!"

06-02-2009 5:22 PM -- By: Joy Smith,  From: Clemson University  

Jerry is one of the most dynamic and exciting professors I have ever known -- and I was never his student, only his professional colleague. Watching Jerry work on committees and special projects on behalf of Clemson was pure pleasure because he had so much fun and shared so much of his intellect and humor as he "worked."

I admire Jerry and the passion that he has brought to his work and his professional contributions through the years. That laugh and the twinkle in his eyes when he knew he was winning the group over on a point was one-of-a-kind.

We will all miss Jerry in so many ways, but I am certainly a better person from knowing him. And, although he is not physically present, the feelings we have for people transcend death and live on and on if we allow them to do that. For Jerry, I will let the smile that comes to my face when I even think of him speaking to a group will live on.

06-02-2009 5:12 PM -- By: Sharon Cardenas,  From: CSTL, NAU Flagstaff  

My deepest sympathy to friends and family.  I didnt know Jerry well, but I do remember him.  He wasnt someone you meet and then you forget about....he was special.

06-02-2009 5:09 PM -- By: Yolanda Dowling,  From: Charlotte, NC  

My thoughts are prayers are with the family.

Yolanda Bodrick-Dowling

Clemson '01

06-02-2009 4:57 PM -- By: Jan Murdoch,  From: Clemson  

Jerry was an inspiring teacher and colleague. Clemson is a better place for our students because we were graced by his presence.

06-02-2009 4:53 PM -- By: Esther Revis-Wagner,  From: Clemson  

After forwarding the Clemson notice to Dayna Cooper Paine, one of our former employees who had Jerry as a professor, I received the following message. Dayna is now a High School teacher in Yuma, Arizona. 

I was picturing a little blond headed girl bouncing on his knee, though as I read through the article I see she is now 13.  Guess it has been ten years since I graduated.  Didn't Callie arrive on your doorstep through him and his wife's allergies?  I can only imagine the outpouring from the Clemson community and wish I could stop in to the tavern to raise a glass in his honor.  I will do so tonight, outside by the hummingbird feeder while the little birds dive-bomb one another.


06-02-2009 4:51 PM -- By: Rob Dillon,  From: College of Charleston  

The cause of science education, not just in the Palmetto State but nationwide, has suffered a terrible loss with the passing of Jerry Waldvogel.

Jerry blew out the candles on Charles Darwin's first birthday cake here in Charleston on February 12, 2001 (after a marvelous presentation), and was kind enough to join us here again for a panel discussion February 12, 2006.  In between he was one of my daughter's favorite teachers.  Ginny was privileged to sit as a student in Jerry's honors biology class at Clemson in 2001, and shared many stories of his love of learning, and his skill in conveying that love to others.

Jerry was my choice to be President of the South Carolinians for Science Education. He honestly had more background in the creation/evolution controversy than I, nationally as well as locally, and his leadership skills were immediately obvious to anybody who met him. We swapped a bunch of (half-joking) emails about this subject in 2005 - "You first." "No, after you!" "No, I insist." and ultimately it was me. But it should have been him.

I'm sure I speak for the entire SCSE when I remember Jerry as a brilliant, gifted, hard-working Champion of Science, a marvelous human being, a friend, a teacher, and an inspiration to us all.



06-02-2009 4:50 PM -- By: Todd Adler,  From: Ithaca, NY  

06-02-2009 4:32 PM -- By: Judith Heady,  From: University of Michigan  

I am really shocked.  Jerry to me was a vital young man who seemed to be gentle, unruffled, busy and not ever frantic so this is extra unexpected.   I always enjoyed talking with him at SCST and NABT.  I often emailed him to ask if he was attending a certain meeting so we could plan a lunch or some get-together.  I learned lots from his teaching ideas and found his research fascinating.  His love for evolution and the history was great.  He will be sorely missed and I especially send my positive thoughts to his family and colleagues. 


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