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Kelly Smith

Memorial created 05-31-2009 by
Kelly Smith
Jerry A Waldvogel
December 24 1953 - May 30 2009

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06-01-2009 9:33 AM -- By: Susan Chapman,  From: Clemson  

 I'll miss Jerry and his calm, clear insight. My condolences to his family.

06-01-2009 9:28 AM -- By: Moss Matsebatlela,  From: Limpopo, South Africa  

I did not do much of biology but he always reminded me of Charles Darwin everytime I met him. May he rest in peace.

06-01-2009 9:14 AM -- By: Heather Walker,  From: Biological Sciences  

 With heartfelt sympathy to Jerry's family. 

06-01-2009 9:09 AM -- By: Kim Paul,  From: Clemson University  

 Wow-I can't believe it. I worked with Jerry on a Faculty Evaluation Committee here at the BioSci Dept. and he was a real treat to work with in spite of the somewhat contentious nature of our committee's mission. I will miss his leadership and his perspective on biology education greatly. I know he will be sorely missed here in Long and Jordan Halls. My heart and sympathies go out to Jerry's family and friends.

06-01-2009 9:08 AM -- By: Kirby Player,  From: Clemson, SS  

06-01-2009 9:07 AM -- By: Jenn Seda,  From: Clemson  

My heart and thoughts go out to Dr. Waldvogel's family and friends.  The news of his passing has caught us all by surprise, but I hope that with each other's support and kind words, we can all find a little bit of comfort. 

06-01-2009 9:00 AM -- By: Tamara McNealy,  From: Clemson University  

06-01-2009 8:58 AM -- By: Rhonda Powell,  From: Biological Sciences  

06-01-2009 8:43 AM -- By: Charlie Rice,  From: Clemson  

Peace be with him and his family/frieinds.

06-01-2009 8:42 AM -- By: Thomas Lord,  From: SCST  

It is with a sad heart that I write.  Jerry was an incredible person,  enthusiastic, loving and gracious.  We have all  lost a friend and colleague; science education has lost a leader and doyen. He will be in our thoughts and minds for a very long time.

06-01-2009 7:07 AM -- By: Allen Thompson,  From:  

06-01-2009 1:34 AM -- By: Jeanne (Waldvogel) Locatelli,  From: Woodland, CA  

Cousin Jerry...Our hearts are broken...Dear Sherry and Sarah, Aunt Alice, Jim, Jeff and families...our thoughts and prayers are with you all.  We are all in shock at Jerry's passing...such a wonderful person...gone from all of us much to soon, but WOW what a legacy he left his family, friends and students.  ALWAYS PROUD OF MY COUSIN THE PROFESSOR!!!

06-01-2009 12:31 AM -- By: Stephen Newell,  From: Greenville, SC  

I met Dr. Waldvogel only once and he made a signigicant impression on me.  He was kind, but honest and direct.  I respected him.  I also felt that what little I was able to learn from him was important.  Honesty may be the most important virtue a person can possess.  I feel blessed to have met him.  My deepest sympathies go to his family and friends.   

05-31-2009 9:09 PM -- By: Marvin Druger,  From: Syracuse, NY  

I was on the SCST Board and the BSCS Board with Jerry. He proved to be a dedicated, wonderful colleague and friend. He did everything intelligently and well, and his suggestions and input were always valuable. I always felt comfortable talking to Jerry about almost anything. He always had reasonable ways of dealing with any problems, and he was a very likeable person. I'm shocked to hear the bad news. 

05-31-2009 8:56 PM -- By: Dexter Brown,  From: Anderson  

And in my standard fashion I forgot to add my name to my message below.

05-31-2009 8:52 PM -- By: ,  From:  

Jerry was truly a wonderful professor, but more importantly he was a wonderful man. His sense of humor made my days better and I will always have fond memories of him,. He touched my life in a way that some are not able to do and I'm sure there are countless others who feel the same-I will truly miss him.

Venite ad me omnes qui laboratis et onerati estis et ego reficiam vos.

05-31-2009 7:00 PM -- By: Jan Haldeman,  From: Erskine College, Due West SC  

He will be greatly missed by many, and long remembered for significant contributions to Biology Education at all levels.

05-31-2009 5:19 PM -- By: Moria Harmon,  From: Oklahoma City, OK  

Like many others, I am still in quite a bit of shock and find it difficult at the moment to put my feelings about Jerry into words. 

I would like to say what a wonderful friend he was and how very much I cherished and am blessed to have known this man.  Jerry Waldvogel was one of a kind!  It will never be quite the same again and words can not express how much I miss him.

05-31-2009 4:00 PM -- By: Connie Russell,  From: San Angelo, Texas  

Jerry was a true friend.  I could always count on him to do what he said he was going to do, tell me what he REALLY thought, and encourage me even when I didn't know I needed it.  I will miss him very much.

05-31-2009 3:52 PM -- By: Brian R. Shmaefsky,  From: Houston, Texas  

Jerry was so quick to make friend, lend a hand, greet a stranger, provide comfort, listen with a caring ear, and give a kind word.

05-31-2009 3:44 PM -- By: Todd May,  From: Clemson  

This is a loss from which the University will not recover, nor his many friends.  Jerry was irreplaceable.

05-31-2009 3:06 PM -- By: cathy sturkie,  From: clemson, sc  

like kelly, i'm still in shock, very sad and frankly, kind of mad.  i, too, i will try to be more eloquent later.

i'm thinking so much of sherry and sarah and know that their family and close friends are with them now.  i'm sure they know that jerry's extended family and so many friends are also with them now and will be for days to come. 

jerry's calm composure, brilliance and humor are why i have always loved him and will always have him in my heart.

as an honorary member of the class of '39, jerry was always the first to step up when called for voluntary duty - willingly, lovingly and respectfully.  he did so much for the real members for the class of '39 - helping clean the caboose, videotaping reunions and celebrations, transporting real '39ers to events and on and on.  he just loved and appreciated the spirit of the '39ers and truly possessed the spirit of a '39er. 

i love how much he protected and respected the women in his life.

there's so much to say, much more to feel.


05-31-2009 3:04 PM -- By: Charles Kaighn Morlok,  From: Clemson, SC  

Dr. Waldvogel was an extremely nice man who made everyone around him so much happier and more comfortable than they were before they were around him.  Working around him was always a great pleasure.

05-31-2009 1:38 PM -- By: Kelly Smith,  From: Clemson, SC  

Well, since I started this thing I guess I should make the first entry.  To be honest, I am still so shocked by Jerry's death that I am not sure what to say.  I suspect I am not alone in that feeling.  But I don't want that to stop others from posting here, so I won't let it stop me.  For now I will keep it short and sweet and maybe I will find something more elequent to say at the memorial that I can add here later.

To me, Jerry was a dear dear friend, a mentor and advisor, an inspiring teacher and a wonderful colleague.  I think we were very similar people.  We both loved biology.  We both had an irreverant sense of humor.  We were both people who put family first above all else.  We were both deeply passionate about teaching.  We were both crusaders for evolution.  We both had a difficult time tolerating fools...:)  But Jerry was special.  Simply put, he was the kind of guy I aspired to be and I always looked on him as a sort of big brother.  Now that he is gone, I will just have to try to live up to the example he set, which is no small task.

But I think Jerry would want us to focus on the positive here - not on what we have lost, but on what he gave us during his life.  So I will end with two positive thoughts.  First, when something tragic like this happens so unexpectedly, we should all reflect on what we have left undone in our own lives and fix that.  Jerry wasn't one to leave life unlived and we should all try to follow his example.  Second,  I learned so much about so many things from Jerry and I will always have those gifts of wisdom to help me.  Indeed, I owe him a great debt - and isn't it just like the guy to die on me before I have a chance to pay it back?


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