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Kelly Smith

Memorial created 05-31-2009 by
Kelly Smith
Jerry A Waldvogel
December 24 1953 - May 30 2009

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06-01-2009 3:01 PM -- By: Jim Cross,  From: CU Libraries  

Worked with Jerry on a couple of committees. He was a great guy and delightful to work with. He will be missed.

06-01-2009 3:00 PM -- By: Karen Kemper,  From: Dpt of Public Health Sciences Clemson Univ  

 My thoughts are with his family. 

06-01-2009 2:41 PM -- By: Jeffrey Adelberg,  From: Clemson  

Jerry was such an exciting presence on campus.  There will be a giant hole when biology is discussed in the context of social relevance and purpose.

06-01-2009 2:39 PM -- By: windsor sherrill,  From: clemson university  

Clemson has lost one of the best- our thoughts and prayers are with Jerry's family

06-01-2009 2:32 PM -- By: Fran McGuire,  From:  

A loss to Clemson and all who knew Jerry. He was an iconic figure on campus.  He was a regular speaker at my doctoral teaching seminar and when the students asked what it took to be a great teacher his answer was simple; passion. We will all miss his passion. 

I cry at the loss but smile at the memory.

06-01-2009 2:25 PM -- By: Louise Weber,  From: Asheville, NC (Clemson '95)  

06-01-2009 2:19 PM -- By: Bob Foulk,  From: BSCS  

In the short time I have known Jerry, I feel I have been forever touched by someone very special.  He will be sorely missed. 

06-01-2009 2:13 PM -- By: Kim Collins,  From: Clemson University  

06-01-2009 2:02 PM -- By: Jamie Williams,  From: Clemson  

I am in shock and wracked to my core. I've lost a wonderful colleague, a trusted mentor and a great friend. Jerry was a role model across the board, as an educator, an advisor, a father and a husband. His energy, enthusiasm, creativity, passion and devotion to students were inspirational. There is a chasm at Clemson that will be difficult to fill.

06-01-2009 2:02 PM -- By: Bonnie Holaday,  From: Clemson, School of Nursing  

Jerry was an innovative educator and inspired many of us to become better educators.  I loved working with him in the CAC group.  I will miss him.  My thoughts are with his family.

06-01-2009 1:51 PM -- By: Willy Bemis,  From: Cornell/Shoals Marine Laboratory  

Soon after I had started as director of Shoals Marine Laboratory in 2005, Jerry sought me out to discuss my general philosophy and overall goals for the program. We talked, and he was relieved to hear my unwavering commitment to undergraduate education at SML. He then offered great insight into our (newly proposed) course in introductory biology, honed by his experience as a teacher and his work with BSCS. It was always such a pleasure to have Jerry with us on Appledore, where he taught Ecology of Animal Behavior with Hal Weeks and Will Kimler for more than 20 years. Jerry, you are much loved by all of us in your SML family, and I will miss you very much.

06-01-2009 1:41 PM -- By: Mark Bloom,  From: BSCS  

I will miss Jerry very much.

06-01-2009 1:41 PM -- By: Jay Locatelli,  From: Woodland, CA.  

06-01-2009 1:39 PM -- By: Tom Scott,  From: Clemson University  

Jerry will be greatly missed by the students and his fellow Biology faculty members.  He was such a dedicated and inspiring teacher.  I especially enjoyed my impromptu visits with Jerry in the hallways of Long Hall or at the Hendrix Center Food Court.  He had a creative and quick mind that impressed you with his range of knowledge.  He was truly a scholar.   I was so sad this morning when I learned of his death.  I know he was a wonderful husband and father.  I recall two times in the past 9 months when I visited with Jerry and he was so excited about being involved in school events with his daughter.  He really cared about people.  We will all be sad for a long time without Jerry in our lives.

06-01-2009 1:39 PM -- By: Kathy Sorensen,  From: American River College, Sacramento, CA  

This morning at 10 am PST, Jerry and I were supposed to have a phone conversation about SCST membership stuff. Instead, I find myself writing about a man who in just two years became a mentor, colleague and close friend.

I imagine it will be a long time before I stop saying to myself, "Jerry will love this story!" or "I need to ask Jerry what he thinks about this." Jerry pushed me very hard professionally and personally about what I thought and why I thought it. You could not remain the same once you interacted with him.

One thing we did occasionally via email was send some of our favorite song lyrics, mostly from classic rock (him) and country songs (me), but occasionally from others. He would laugh at me for posting this from a musical (but it is from "Wicked", so at least it sounds a little evil), but it sums up so much for me:

I've heard it said
That people come into our lives for a reason
Bringing something we must learn
And we are led
To those who help us most to grow
If we let them
And we help them in return
Well, I don't know if I believe that's true
But I know I'm who I am today
Because I knew you...

Like a comet pulled from orbit
As it passes a sun
Like a stream that meets a boulder
Halfway through the wood
Who can say if I've been changed for the better?
But because I knew you
I have been changed for good

Thank-you so much, my friend. You will be missed greatly.


06-01-2009 1:33 PM -- By: Linda L. Tichenor,  From: University of Arkansas--Fort Smith  

Sometimes a huge hole is created in the universe when a person such as Jerry is taken away.  I feel numbed by the loss.  Although I did not know Jerry well, I always looked forward to seeing him "work" the SCST meetings!  I was so glad that he was going to be my mentor these next two years as councilor-at-large.  I know how much he had to offer to the field of college science teaching.   He always was willing to help.  Who will fill his shoes????

06-01-2009 1:29 PM -- By: Dr. Elena Mikhailova,  From: Clemson University  

Please, accept our sincere condolences.


Dr. Elena Mikhailova and Dr. Christopher Post

06-01-2009 1:25 PM -- By: Ken Pittman,  From: Indianapolis, IN (Clemson '02)  

I am saddened to hear of Dr. Waldvogel's death and my prayers are with his family.  He was one of the most outstanding professors that I ever worked with at the undergraduate or graduate level.  He challenged me and many others to be better students and better citizens.  He was a big part of my experience at Clemson and helped me towards my goal of medical school after I left Clemson.  He will be greatly missed both at Clemson and beyond.

06-01-2009 1:18 PM -- By: Terri Bruce,  From: Clemson Biological Sciences  

Sarah attended Clemson Montessori at the same time that my son, Sam, attended. It was always obvious how much her father loved her. Our thoughts are with her and her mom.

Jerry was a wonderful father and an inspiring educator. The legacy that he leaves behind in the Biological Sciences department will always be a shining example of what it means to love learning and to want to share that love with students. The undergraduate experience in Biological Sciences will never be quite the same without Jerry. We will especially miss his Darwin costume!

06-01-2009 1:10 PM -- By: Janet Carlson,  From: BSCS  

The BSCS community is stunned by the loss of this wonderful, wise, and generous human being. We extend our condolences to his family, collegues, and students.

06-01-2009 1:09 PM -- By: Rodney Wilson,  From: Columbia, SC  

Jerry was an inspiration to us all. He will be dearly missed.

06-01-2009 1:08 PM -- By: Jim Morin ,  From: Cornell and SML  

Jerry was one of the most enthusiastic - and rigorous - educators I have ever known.  His teaching embodied what is great about the education provided by the Shoals Marine Lab - he cared deeply about teaching and challenging students.  He always had a smile, he always was ready with an insight, he was the consumate "can do" kind of a person.  The trio of Jerry, Wil and Hal [or as Crosby, Stills and Nash as I liked to call them] was an unbeatable combination - great teachers, great characters, great role models, great and wonderful friends.  Jerry had a passion for biology that was unrivaled.  I will miss him very much even though our paths rarely crossed these days.  Jim Morin

06-01-2009 1:06 PM -- By: Patrick McMillan,  From: Clemson  

A great champion of education and educational freedom and rights! - I'll forever be grateful for knowing him and the encouraging discussions and guidance he has given both me and my students.

06-01-2009 12:57 PM -- By: Beth Kunkel,  From: Clemson  

Jerry was the consummate educator.  We will miss him tremendously!   The world is emptier today. 

06-01-2009 12:34 PM -- By: Brandon Kibbe,  From: Shoals Marine Lab '95  

I took the Ecology of Animal Behavior course at Shoals Marine Lab during the summer of '95.  During that intensive 2-week course I learned more about animal behavior, ecology, and the scientific process than I did during the rest of my undergraduate studies.  But, most importantly, Jerry (and Wil and Hal) instilled a sense of mutual respect between teacher and student, all while making the learning pertinent and fun.  It is a relationship that evolved to become a thriving friendship, and one that will be sorely missed.  Warm regards to Jerry's family and friends.

06-01-2009 12:22 PM -- By: Marlee Marsh,  From: Athens, GA  

He was such an inspiring educator and will be missed.

06-01-2009 12:22 PM -- By: Steve Wainscott,  From:  

Jerry is an excellent example of what made my 17 years as Honors Director so rewarding. Had I not been in this position, I might not have known him, and that would have been a huge loss for me. He was truly one of the most, considerate, kind and giving persons I have known. He served Clemson with passion and enthusiasm, and his dedication to our university was exceeded only by his selfless devotion to his wife and daughter.

Jerry, you truly are one of Clemson's most unforgettable characters. I will leave it up to you to decide whether that's a compliment!

06-01-2009 12:20 PM -- By: Carol Heaton,  From: Clemson University  

I never saw Jerry that he didn't have a lively spring in his step and a smile on his face.  I'm shocked and saddened by his passing and extend my condolences to his family as I keep them in my prayers.

06-01-2009 12:12 PM -- By: Art Young,  From: English Dept., Clemson  

Jerry was a key to the success of Clemson's Communication-Across-the-Curriculum (CAC)  program. He was not only a terrific teacher of Clemson students, but he was an outstanding teacher of teachers in numerous CAC workshops and presentations. His academic spirit was interdisciplinary, robust, collaborative, and generous. My thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends.

06-01-2009 12:10 PM -- By: Jamie Wood,  From: Clemson  


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