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Kelly Smith

Memorial created 05-31-2009 by
Kelly Smith
Jerry A Waldvogel
December 24 1953 - May 30 2009

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01-25-2017 12:04 PM -- By: Dave Schiller,  From: Ft. Collins, CO  

 Jerry and I worked in Ithaca together at the Nines and had a great relationship.  He was a wonderful person, and we shared many a laugh or five in the day.  I was heartbroken to hear of his passing.  My deepest condolences for those that loved Jerry.  Knowing his style of honesty, humor and great knowledge, I feel confident he made postivie impresisons on many with whom he came into contact.

05-28-2015 7:09 PM -- By: Jack Waldvogel,  From:  

 rip brother.......

03-18-2015 12:48 PM -- By: Jan Agosti,  From: knew Jerry from Stanford  

 I had a wonderful chat with Jerry just before he died and still cherish his lovely spirit and joy in life. Still missed after many years. 

02-26-2014 1:14 PM -- By: Gary Hosea,  From: Las Vegas, NV  

It is a shock! I found this page yesterday and although Jerry and I took different paths from Kearny it is hard to fathom what has transpired to such a great Leader. Like Jesse Martinez I to will be seeing the Doctor. Jerry was Outstanding American. Thank You for your Leadership and May You Rest In Peace.

Gary Hosea

U.S. Army Retired


10-01-2013 1:00 PM -- By: Craig Rivers,  From: Chapin, SC  

I was a Biology student of Dr. Waldvogel's in 1989 and just (10/1/13) realized he had passed.  Every time I finish the last drink from a 6 or 8 pack of drinks that are held together by plastic rings, I cut the ring up into pieces so there won't be any "holes" left to pose a threat to turtles or other animals.  And every time I do that, I think of Dr. Waldvogel.  It's a simple idea, but think about how special of a man it takes for me to remember him so frequently this many years later.  RIP Dr. Waldvogel.

09-01-2013 2:21 PM -- By: ,  From:  

 Jerry was the star quarterback at Kearny High School when my wife was there. Our son was a graduate of Clemson.

08-26-2013 12:40 AM -- By: Lee Anne Martinez,  From: Cornell  

Just thinking fondly of Jerry today, and wondering what he was up to - only to find the sad news.  I was wanting to share with him that my daughter, Mia, is now a Stanford student. My sincere condolences to Jerry's wife and daughter.

03-06-2013 5:26 PM -- By: Kathleen Raffloer Nishida,  From:  

I knew Jerry in the 1980's at Shoals Marine Lab. Was curious about where he was today and discovered his obituary. Wishing many good thoughts for his family. Kathleen

08-29-2012 12:46 PM -- By: Chad Huston,  From: Austin Texas  

Sorry to hear of Jerry's passing.  I lived in the same house with Jerry at Stanford and counted him as a friend.  I lost track after Cornell. The pictures show that same great smile Jerry was known for in college.  I am sure the sense of humor (and wonder) were still there and that he was a great teacher.

07-13-2012 4:16 PM -- By: Don McGowan,  From: Social Circle, GA  

Just now learned of Jerry's passing.  He was a member of masters thesis committee at Clemson and I always valued his input.  Plus, he was just fun to hang around with and was intellectually stimulating.  My thoughts are with his family.  He was a good one!

01-04-2012 9:46 PM -- By: Jesse Martinez,  From: San Diego  

I know that this is much to late, but I just wanted to let the family know that growing up Jerry was truly a great friend. We were friends through our grade school (John Paul Jones) middle school (Taft) and finally Kearny. I last saw Jerry at our 30th reunion and I remember talking about our atheltic accomplishments but mostly about his little girl. Even in his death Jerry was talking to me about going into get checked out, which I did and scheduled a stress test & the next day was on the table getting 4 stints put in my heart. Later the Dr. said that I should had a major stroke or heart attack.  I think about Him all the time. Mrs. Waldvogel and Sherry not sure if you'll ever get this but I wanted you Jerry was great friend.  Jesse

05-30-2011 12:58 AM -- By: Judy,  From:  

Sending you angel day blessings.  God Bless

01-03-2011 10:46 PM -- By: Richrad A. Renstra,  From: New Jersey/Cornell University  

I knew Jerry from his Cornell days at the Lab of Ornithology.  We worked together on the Cornell Pigeon Project.  I remember his laughing personality and his love of volleyball!  He was always trying to get us to play during staff get togethers.  Though we fell out of touch, I often recall those days with great fondness.  God bless yo Jerry, may the pigeon gods forgive us!!!

05-30-2010 2:11 PM -- By: Maria,  From: Concord MA  

I just found out Jerry died, exactly a year to the day he passed.  I knew Jerry in Ithaca when he was a graduate student at Cornell.   I was an undergraduate there and spent a lot of time at GXA.   I was always intimidated by Jerry.  When my father died, my junior year, Jerry was the one person who looked me straight in the eye and told me that he was sorry to hear it, that it must be tough for me, and that connections like that don't end in death.  I wanted his daughter to know that her dad knew way back then what it meant for a daughter to lose a father.   After he said "I would get by," he made me pancakes.  Thanks Jerry.  Rest in unholy peace.   Maria

05-25-2010 10:52 PM -- By: John Driscoll,  From: Singapore  

I graduated Sanford Class of 1976 the same year as Jerry.  I only knew him through stories of his exploits on the football team in The Daily and stuff I heard  from others who knew him.  My strongest impression of Jerry was that he defied the stereotype of The Jock.  WIth his long blonde hair and moustache, he look more at home with a surfboard or fronting a rock band than taking quarterback snaps.  And his academic success as an educator further highlights his life outside the gridiron.  A friend of mine Mark Funk who worked as a reporter for the Daily once interviewed Jerry and his roomate and fellow quarterback Guy Benjamin (who later went pro) and told me it was hilarious.  Apparently both of them liked to play electric guitar, a lifelong passion of mine as well.  I wish I had jammed with Jerry.   Proud to have been a classmate .... 

05-20-2010 12:06 PM -- By: Steve Levinsky,  From:  

 Saddened and stunned to learn of Jerry's passing.  He was a friend and an anchor.  It was an honor and a privilege knowing him.   Wherever you are, Jerry, here's to you.

05-03-2010 5:29 PM -- By: Laurie McCall,  From: Central, SC  

 Dr. Waldvogel was my favorite professor at Clemson. My freshman year was my most difficult year, and he did an amazing job, even with a class of 300 students, making me feel like I was more than a number. I was in the lab one time and he was posting our grades, which were coded with a number. I walked over to see my grade, and he said with great enthusiasm, "Laurie, you pulled your average up from a C to a B with this last test." I was shocked that he knew my name, much less my grade on that test and how that one grade had improved my average. I remember him dressing up like Dr. Ruth and talking to us about sex. We could ask him things we'd have never asked our mom, maybe not even our friend. A former student of his who was diagnosed with HIV came to talk to our class, and I noticed how he chose to use his class time... in ways that might affect or even save our lives. He never took attendance. He didn't need to because we all wanted to be there. He played music as we came into class and we all hit a beach ball around the room. We didn't just want to be there, we wanted to be there early. I am a teacher. I am planning a field trip to Clemson for my students. I wanted them to see a big auditorium, like the one in Brackett. A woman at Clemson asked me if I knew a professor.... I know plenty of them, but Dr. Waldvogel was the first name out of my mouth... he'd be great with them. That's how I learned he had passed away. He was my most memorable professor.

03-26-2010 11:46 AM -- By: Rachel Levin,  From: Upland, CA  

 I knew Jerry in grad school.  I was moved to see that his warm smile and twinkle in the eye only got better with time.  I miss him.

03-16-2010 2:35 PM -- By: Athleo L. Cambre, M.D.,  From: Los Angeles  

My memories of the wonderful person Jerry was were stuck in the 30+ years ago past during our days at Stanford.  He was the epitome of "well-rounded".  It was so much more rewarding to read the posts from his wife Sherry and daughter Sarah; not surprising his accomplishments as a husband, father, and teacher were so special as he "evolved".  My condolences to his family and many friends.

03-16-2010 2:16 PM -- By: Athleo L. Cambre, M.D.,  From: Los Angeles  

03-02-2010 1:13 PM -- By: Tim Miller,  From: San Diego  

Just found out about Jerry. He was a Senior at Stanford when I was a Freshman and we recruited him to play in our rock band (we needed a bass player). He was kind of like our big brother that spring. We became friends and he brought me into the Phi Delta Theta fraternity. Going to miss you, bro.

02-16-2010 10:32 PM -- By: Katie Harhen,  From: Ithaca & Santa Cruz  

 Can't think of Jerry without smiling.  He was that kind of person.

02-11-2010 12:05 AM -- By: Mitchell Baker,  From: Queens College CUNY / Cornell  

Jerry was a postdoc with Charles Walcott when I was a summer student after my freshman year at Cornell.  I didn't stay in touch, and just found out about his passing today.  Jerry was an exemplary mentor, not that I thought about it like that then.  He taught me a great deal about bird navigation, he made it cool to be a scientist, he treated me like a peer when I wasn't, but never assumed I knew things I didn't nor made me uncomfortable to ask. He was very effacing about his football scholarship, but outspokenly proud of having been Bill Keeton's last grad student.  That's what I remember from 23 years ago, and I'm so sorry to see him taken from his friends and family too early. 

01-27-2010 4:04 PM -- By: Lindsey Carter,  From: Stillwater, OK  

01-16-2010 8:06 PM -- By: Jacki' Williams-Jones,  From: Stanford Class of '76  

So sorry to hear about Jerry's death.  He was loved and will be missed.

01-14-2010 8:21 PM -- By: Dave Segal,  From: Honolulu  

 I went to the Kearny High alumni Web site by chance and saw of Jerry's passing. What a shock. I went to school with his brother Jeff and was sports editor of the Kearny High newspaper and covered Jerry when he was quarterback for the football team. He was a great person, a great team leader and a winner. He lived down the street from me and, to make it hit home even more, he was born in Honolulu, where I now work.  

01-08-2010 4:27 PM -- By: Pat Paine,  From: Northampton, Ma via Ithaca NY  

Jerry's passing although, extremely untimely, was as he wanted it to happen.  I remember after a mentor and colleague at Cornell suddenly died (another untimely death  at the height of his career), Jerry said:  "that is the way I want to go."

Jerry was a wonderful role model for my two children, Norri and Jonathan Paine, during their years growing up on the farm in Trumansburg -- (playing ball, roughhousing with fast chases through the house, water fights, and even some heart to heart talks during their turbulent teen years.)  Being the person he was, he was just there for them --100%.  Perhaps he even was stretching his parenting "muscle" in anticipation of his daughter, Sarah.

Jerry, I'll miss your big heart, your adventurous, curious  spirit and your willingness to open to the poetry in life that surrounds us all.

01-08-2010 10:01 AM -- By: Philip Snyder,  From: Ithaca days  

What a shock! He was a wonderful man, truly kind, thoughtful, warm, brilliant and a great friend. Such humor! A big Light has left our world....

12-27-2009 2:40 AM -- By: Walt Spevak,  From: Stanford '76  

Oh my gosh...I went on Facebook just now to check out people with birthdays and stumbled across the news of Jerry's waaaay early passing.

I am so sad and shocked.  What a great guy...always with a smile and interest into what someone else was doing; displaying patience and class during the quarterback 'controversy'.

I was and will always be a fan of Jerry's...both on and off the field.  My condolences to Sherry, Sarah and everyone in Jerry's biological and extended family.

Thanks Kelly for setting up this site.  I can't stop smiling as I read the posts about the effect Jerry had on so many people's lives.   What a wonderful man.


12-14-2009 4:58 PM -- By: Carol Starr,  From: Cary, NC  

To my Twin and Wonderful Niece:

I too have delayed writing on this memorial site.  I periodically go in and check what others have written and am touched by what has been said.  Your words have meant so much to Sherry and Sarah. I think I've not wanted to really believe that Jerry is not here with us.  A few weeks before he died my twin said to me....we really ought to live together when we get older.  I responed to her by saying that I would love to but I really hoped she would grow old with Jerry.  She said....I just don't think I will.

I  lost Kevin in July, 2008 as well.  I understand your pain not only for yourself but for your child, the community, the students, the University and every life he touched.  For the past year, Jerry stayed up with me at night when I visited and talked about Kevin, trying to help me heal.  Little did I know.....

Thank you twin for sharing your Jerry with Jennah and I for the past year.  To my beautiful Sarah, write, write and write.  You are AMAZING and you have so much of your dad in you. The best gift you can give your mom and dad is to keep your passion for learning.  I'm not worried about "being the best you can be", because you already are!!

Jerry, we love you and we still miss you so much. I hope you are somewhere laughing.

Carol & Jennah


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